How do I cancel my nomination and get a refund?

If you have nominated for a ride and paid your entry fee you can cancel your nomination and obtain a refund if circumstances prevent you from attending the ride. Follow these steps to process the cancellation:

  1. Login AERA Online.
  2. Select the My History menu item and, in the Past Nominations table, select the Amend button on the ride that you wish to cancel.
  3. Once the Amend button has been selected the Item Cancellation screen will be displayed.
  4. Select the Cancel tick box to activate the cancellation and select the Continue button. A confirmation message will be displayed and you will now need to select the Confirm button to finalise the cancellation and refund request process.
  5. The Online Nomination System gathers all refund requests into a single table and the Ride Organiser will then review and approve refunds on the basis of the published refund policy. Once this step is completed, and this can take a few days depending on how busy the Ride Organiser is, AERA will complete the credit transaction against the card that was used to make the payment. This can also take a few days to complete as the refunds are processed twice a week.

NOTE: The refund facility is only open up to the Tuesday night following the ride. After this date all refunds must be submitted directly to the Ride Organiser.